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Hoc Mon District Police caught a truck that descended into the tunnel of Tran Quang Co, the boundary between Hiep Thanh Ward (District 12) and Dong Thanh Commune (Hoc Mon District). ), terrifying people.

On 26/2/2018, according to a reporter of the Law Review of Ho Chi Minh City after nearly two months following the car service to collect tunnel bridge service, dozens of reconnaissance of Hoc Police Economic Police In the ground of 361/70 / 125A in Hamlet 6, Dong Thanh Commune, Hoc Mon District, the truck was damaged by the septic tank of 54X-5256 and was discharged into the Tran Quang Co canal. .

At the scene, the reconnaissance tankers were disguised as truck cover, the driver and sub-car plug plastic pipe was designed under the car into a tube buried underground, about 20 feet cm. After the plug is plugged in, the driver starts the engine in the tank to push the entire tunnel in the tank down the canal. The discharge time is less than three minutes. When caught, the tunnel dung is flowing down the channel.

Accordingly, on the same day, the car had two septic tanks in residential areas and on the site directly to the canal. On the third trip was caught red-handed. According to a scout, this is not the only point that the car smoker tunnel exhaust channel down. District police are also investigating some of the points that other vehicles sneaky secretly stewed the bridge to the environment.

According to the law of Ho Chi Minh City, to have evidence for the police in Hoc Mon district, they took turns caring 24 hours service vehicles in nearly two months, found the car This only goes without a handle “.

Every day, dozens of tankers transported underground tunnels from residential areas are concentrated in a location in Dong Thanh Commune, Hoc Mon District, back into a wall, start the engine in a few minutes and then run to the parking lot. There are also many cars after the drawdown from the house and then run straight home, the next car to continue to do services that do not see them carrying out the treatment. Reportedly, the reporters stopped following these stops, found that these vehicles did not handle anything directly to the canal so they provided information to Hoc Mon district police and forces. function on the.

According to calculations of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Metrology & Environment, the whole city has 1.3 million households and about 200 vehicles in HCM City are withdrawn to 300 m3 (equivalent to 300 tons) from the septic tanks of the households. people. However, the only municipal waste treatment facility in Ho Chi Minh City is about 90 tons per day.

By the afternoon, the scouts completed the work of making a record and holding the vehicle, bringing the truck to the police district of Hoc Mon to serve the investigation of the expansion. Particularly for drivers and car drivers who are called home, the agency will convene to investigate in the coming days.

On 27/2/2018, the police of Hoc Mon district, Ho Chi Minh City has filed documents, the testimony of driver Trinh Ngoc Tuyen and auxiliary car Nguyen Van Hung (the same home Thanh Hoa, District 12) to investigate. Discharging behavior causes harm to the environment.
PHAN HONG (General Law Newspaper)

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