Plastic recycling technology to recycle nylon and other plastics after sorting from daily living.


Water leaked from the burial sites, filtered areas, composted separately collected and led to the regulating pond before being introduced into the treatment system.


The technology burns heat, converts it into electricity, and simultaneously generates heat for the desiccant drying in the waste treatment line.

About us

Da Loc Trading & Construction Co., Ltd is a company specialized in waste treatment and environment, was established in 2000 under the business license number 0302159420 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City.

Domestic waste treatment, ordinary industry, health.
Hazardous waste treatment.

Supplying industrial chemicals, fertilizers

Plastic, nylon, lubricant recycling

Transfer of environmental technology

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We pay close attention to customer requirements because we understand that the most important thing is customer trust Đa lộc.

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Maintaining a good relationship with our clients has helped us ensure the quality of legal services and reinforce opportunities with new clients.

Our services

Consultancy on construction investment

Construction investment consultancy, survey design and supervision:

  • Water supply and drainage systems of urban drainage
  • Water Supply Sewerage Drainage Plant
  • Water supply and drainage systems for civil works
  • Repair of specialized works.

Environmental consultancy

  • Implement legal procedures in the field of environment
  • Registration, consulting waste water treatment, water supply, exhaust gas
  • To carry out environmental impact assessment reports, environmental protection schemes.
  • Monitoring report periodically

Technology transfer

  • Providing consultancy and technology transfer for waste treatment
  • Providing consultancy, processing and technology transfer of waste water treatment system
  • Providing consultancy, processing and technology transfer of water treatment system
  • Providing consulting, processing and technology transfer of waste gas treatment system

Collection and transportation of waste

Collection, transportation and treatment of domestic, industrial, commercial, health and construction waste.

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Operation Da Loc Trading and Construction Co., Ltd

Da Loc is a team of experienced environmental technology experts, young, dynamic and enthusiastic staffs to meet the urgent and necessary needs of the current environmental pollution problem.